ArcSpark USB Lighter

Forget the old fashioned gas lighter you need to fill up and say hello to the rechargeable ArcSpark lighter. This USB lighter is your best friend when you have to fix a cosy evening by the fire or a romantic candlelit dinner. The lighter come in two sizes.  Read more about usb lighter.

The discovery of fire was the turning point of human evolution. We could suddenly cook food, keep ourselves warm and light up the darkness. We’ve gone from frenetically rubbing two stones together to simply pressing the button on a gas lighter. Well, until the gas runs out and you’ve forgotten to buy a refill that is! It’s high time for Lighter 2.0 – the ArcSpark USB Lighter.

This rechargeable lighter uses electricity instead of gas, and is charged via USB to be ready whenever you need it. To light, push the safety cover forward to expose … Read More


Top 5 Wellness Retreats in Bali

Bali has long been a top destination among Avid travelers and has truly become a well-being paradise. So in honor of this, we round up the top 5 Wellness retreats in Bali. From lush forests to pristine coastlines and majestic lava cliffs, it’s no surprise Bali is called the Island of the Gods. Its unique combination of natural beauty and culture makes it an idyllic destination for healing, pampering, and self-discovery. With traditions heavily influenced by the idea of spiritual well-being, wellness is innately set in its roots.

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  • Como Shambhala Estate

Enveloped by lush tropical jungle this award-winning destination spa calms and nurtures with its holistic approach and excellent wellness programs. The jungle sheathed surroundings provide a serene environment for natural healing and reflection while spa treatments promise to revive and uplift the body and mind. Keep active with free guided walks, yoga sessions, and complimentary fitness classes and … Read More