Has America become a nation without a real identity? The upcoming election is just weeks away with gas prices soaring, food costs rising at rocket speed inflation, welfare at an all time high and new jobs are slim to  small business owner is becoming extinct because of taxes. Foreclosure mills are on the rise at a record rate. Medicare is in more financial trouble and no-one questions continuation of social security.

Are Americans safe from the enemies who want to destroy the freedom? The people of this great country have drawn a line in the sand. Many people claim they will leave if Obama wins. And many people claim they will leave if Romney  has happened to the American spirit of working together? Is American no longer about living in the land of the free and the brave?

Identity Theft can happen to a country as it can happen to a person. Has Identity Theft happened to America? If so could the reason be that the Phantoms who hid inside the Trojan Horse that brought down the twin towers have instilled a subtle energy of fear that hovers over this great country?

The founders of this great land created this country with principles of good solid core values and gave the people a strong voice. As in the beginning people can choose to voice the freedom that they cherish or choose to become silent with inaction. Americans will not have a king or a dictator unless they allow it. The freedom of the United States is in the hands of the citizens not the government.

Thoughts become things. Can united thoughts create change? Has anyone tried prayer? Has anyone ask God for the answer to the unthinkable economic crisis the country is facing or has already faced? One political party didn’t create this financial crisis.Neither did the other political  drumbeat of destruction or the drumbeat of winning is not because of one person or one political party.

Just think about what would happen if people and government worked as a team to regain the identity that this great country once cherished. Ii the slander, blame and negative ads stop. perhaps people would have clear minds about their choices. A better lifestyle is the choice of people not the government.

At this time Romania also immediately organized this routine event. Presidential election held in 2019 will be the determination of the fate of Romanian people in the next 10 years. Is this new president will provide Autostrazi in every place, or also provide a uniform water supply throughout the region.

The great American flag can soar in the wind once again if people stand united regardless of who wins. People have the power to  they don’t have is the power to choose the consequences of their the people unite? Could this once again become the land of the free and the home of the brave?